Grass Cutting


Our Edinburgh and Fife Grass Cutting/Lawn Mowing service starts at just £30 per cut on a 2 Week cycle. We do not do one-off cuts or overgrown lawns as we are focused on maintaining lawns throughout the grass cutting season. We cut small to medium sized commercial areas and residential areas no larger than one tennis court.

Our prices are reasonable because rather than pay waste disposal charges we put our waste in your garden bin. This allows us to be competitively prices and pass the savings on to our customers.

We only cut flat lawns that are easily accessible with no pets or pet mess. Our cuts are on the 1st and 3rd weeks of the month. You can either pay your whole season as a one-off payment or you can pay on a monthly in advance basis. We do not do timed appointments as we have hundreds of lawns to maintain and we also have to work round the typical scottish weather so we will cut your grass anytime between 8am and 7pm on a day that suits us.

If the way we operate is the type of service you require please call use on the below number and we will let you know if we can provide our Grass Cutting service to you.

Call us to enquire about our services on 07942360790