Grass Cutting

Our Edinburgh Grass Cutting/Lawn Mowing service starts at just £25 per cut on a 14 to 31 day cycle. After cutting your grass all you need to do is call us between 2 to 3 weeks later to arrange your next cut.

All prices quoted assume your lawn is not overgrown and in serviceable condition. We have additional charges for overgrown/one off jobs as it is more work and we are focused on maintaining already well maintained lawns.

We work from March until October and will visit your property regularly to maintain your grass. We can also offer one of cuts but the price will be more than if you are looking to have your grass cut throughout the grass cutting season. We will require the use of your garden waste bin to dispose of the trimmings. In the event that your grass is wet when we cut it we will leave the mulch on your grass. We can cut wet grass because our commercial standard lawn mowers perform better on wet grass than lawn mowers that are for domestic use.

Call us to enquire about our services on 07942360790